Sayers Stout

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Brewery: The London Beer Factory

ABV: 4.5%

Serve: 350ml Can

Price: £1! (From a Flavourly starter kit offer)

Expectations: Had heard nothing of this brewery before, as this came from a mixed Flavourly box. The graphics on the can are beautiful and the 360 degree can an interesting, if mildly bemusing idea.

Deliberations: When I opened the can, I was greated by a malty, chocolatey smell, which was was invitingly cake like.

First sip filled the mouth with malty, bitterness which lingered and combined with a light gingery spice. There is sweetness, but more like dark sugar than anything else.

More drinking brought a dark toffee quality and some citrus.

Verdict: Overall a malty, dark sugary blast of a Stout. Very pleasingly easy to drink.

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