Quelle Farmhouse Pale

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Brewery: Beavertown

ABV: 4.1%

Serve: 350ml Can

Price: £2.30

Expectations: I have been a big fan of Beavertown ales, but mostly the darker styles. Having not drunk a lot of Farmhouse Pales, it is a style I don’t know well. 

Deliberations: When I opened the can, I was greeted by a yeasty fruit flavour, which was somewhere between a rising dough and a ripe mango.

On the first sip, I was treated to a fizzy, light flavour that mimicked the aromas from the can. As the bubbles passed over the tongue they were followed by a hoppy, drying quality, which has almost wooden notes.
More drinking, gave me zesty citrus flavours, more yeasty bread like notes and hops.

Verdict: A very light, bubbly ale. This has a quality no too dissimilar to French lager, which would suit a new ale drinker, or person who likes light flavoured beer. I enjoyed it, but it was too light to drink with my curry, so left it till after to enjoy. I would probably look to drink this again in the summer.

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