Wings Diner @ Bristol Spirit

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Pop ups are by very definition exciting and unpredictable.

Pop Ups (NOUN): An eating or drinking establishment that appears temporarily, for an unspecified amount of time within a space, usually an obscure place. i.e. a Prosecco Bar in Shed, or a Burger Joint in a cave.

You can never be sure just when they might pop up. In fact, you can be walking along a street and be confronted with a hipster serving coffee from a lamppost. The best way to hear about them is to shoot local news directly into a main artery and then wait in the street for a forty eight-hour period. Then you might hear the chatter of sparrows on the wind, bringing news of popup.

Fortunately, on my way to drop an old Ikea cabinet to a household waste centre, I saw a chicken graffitied on to the side of a post box. I knew then that I just had to clear a space on Friday, find some willing friends and wait.

Then it popped and it knew that it was good.

Food Type: Fried Chicken

Time and Day Visited: Friday, 8PM.

With: Old, Old Friends (who once lived on a wooden ship.)

Cost: ££ out of £££££

Staff: Friendly, interested, but hard at work.

Venue: A local cocktail bar.

Crockery: Metal Sharing Plates



Fried chicken is a glorious food stuff. It is unexcusedly trashy, yet when it’s done well there are few things as good.

Wings Diner is in the tough position of having to try and make people come out of their way to spend money on a food stuff that they can get for less money in KFC. We saw some pictures online and then came across a deal on Wiggle for Dirty Fries, so phone in hand, we set off to drink cocktails and eat an unnessacary amount of chicken.

We ordered chicken pieces, dirty fries topped with both jack fruit and obviously chicken wings.

The chicken pieces were moist, crispy and well seasoned. The sauce was hot and fruity. The jackfruit and chicken topping on the fries was sweet, hot and sticky. The chips needed more seasoning and were a little too average takeaway for my liking, but they were a good size portion. The chicken wings however were the crowning glory of the meal; sticky, messy, hot and crispy.

Find out More: Wriggle: Wings Diner

Perfect for… friends to laugh, have a drink and share some great food.

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