Obsessions and New Kings Coffee

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Obsessions are one of those funny, intrinsically human traits that seem inherent to us all. Wherever we are from and whatever we are like, we all for fleeting moment, or for a whole life time, become fixated on one one specific thing. For some of us it might be a hobby, for some of us a collection and for some of the 90’s boy band 911, but we all get them at one point in our. Here laid bare before you my obliging reader are some of mine.

My Earliest:

The Argos Catalogue – For many years of my childhood, I spent hours pouring through the book that some refer to as the laminated book of dreams, but i simply knew as The Battlecat Book. I would look first at the pictures and then inspect the details, taking care to select only the finest items to add to my mental wants and desires list. These hallowed items were circled and then conscientiously hoped for at the next relevant celebration.

My Longest:

The Beach – From childhood, through to adulthood, nothing has brought me more pleasure than the beach. Whether dashing into the freezing cold British sea or constructing scale models of York Minster, there is always something joyous to be done at the beach. Having lived firmly in the centre of large cities for the majority of my life, being at the beach also signifies the glory that is holiday o clock and everybody knows, everything is better on holiday.

My Oddest:

Geocaching – For one elongated summer, a few years ago, my brother in law and I became temporarily (and very passionately) obsessed with finding and signing the logs of hidden “treasure” boxes around the countryside of the South West. We spent many unusual afternoon, jumping through hedges, feeling the edges of park benches and avoiding the confused gazes of other walkers and inhabitants of the various woodland areas that we searched. Some of the treasures were careful, wonderful things that had had much love poured over them, but many were film canisters hidden in thorn bushes. Many family walks were ruined and arguments caused, but almost as suddenly as it began, it ended.

My Latest:

Coffee – As a self confirmed night time person, I am at my worst on a morning. Often I can be found grumbling to myself in the darkened corner of a room. My only salvation, the humble coffee bean. I love everything about coffee. Starting first with the geekery involved in the correct preparation of coffee and the variety of methods involved. Then there is the equipment, I am a passionate disciple of The Aeropress, which for the uninitiated is like a massive coffee syringe. Last and most importantly, the flavours. Coffee is one of those liquids that can be so many things; nutty, fruity, chocolatey, even spicy and earthy. Discovering new flavours is like visiting different parts of the planet, from the comfort of your favourite mug.

New Kings Coffee Bags

Category: Hot Drinks

Cost: £7.99 for a box of 16 Bags – USE CODE CURIOUS20 for an initial discount.

Buy From: New Kings Coffee Website

Source: Sample for review from Company

Review: New Kings Coffee was founded in Bristol in 2017 with the express mission of bringing the convenience of tea bags to the glorious world of ground coffee, without skimping on flavour or brand ethics. The result is a collection of four different single origin, fair-trade coffee bags, which include a Guatemalan, a Sumatran, an Ethiopian and a Peruvian Decaf coffee. We had the opportunity to taste test all four bags and here are our thoughts.


Nose: Roasted Chestnuts

Taste: Brown Toast, hazelnuts and buttered popcorn.

Score: 6/10




Nose: Creme Caramel

Taste: Dark Chocolate, Apricot Jam and Toasted Tea Cakes.

Score: 7/10




Nose: Blackcurrant Jam

Taste: Fruit Loaf, Brown Sugar and Raspberries.

Score: 6/10




Nose: Buttered Toast

Taste: Dark Chocolate, then Custard Creams.

Score: 5/10




At first, I was very sceptical about these coffee bags. For coffee to be at its best, it needs to be as fresh as possible and no amount of clever packaging can really achieve the freshness of grinding your own whole beans on the day. Also, as confessed above, I am a nerd for the process of making the coffee. However, having said all that, these bags make a good cup of tea with absolutely no hassle at all. They make far better coffee than any instant that I have ever tried and they compare well to most supermarket ground coffee that I have owned. They will not ever replace my Aeropress or my V60 and they won’t convert my coffee nerd alumni, but they fit really well into the work place. They are a great idea for businesses that want to offer a good coffee experience and we found them really helpful for hosting. So, overall, they do what they do well and that is commendable.

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