Manchester Marble Brewery – White Wine Pugin

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Brewery: Manchester Marble Brewery

ABV: 6.2%

Serve: 330ml Can

Price: £2.30


Honesty upfront, this is not the first time that I have drunk this beer. It is my third can in the last few months, because it absolutely blew me away the first time. I hadn’t heard of Marble Brewery before buying this can and it offered so much, that I have bought it twice more.


When I opened the can, I was greeted with the zest and acidity of a crisp, dry white wine. Also there are yeasty, proving bread notes.

On the first sip, you are greeted with small, fizzy bubbles, which have more in common with a champagne than a beer. Then there is a hoppy, zesty fruit flavour, which breaks out and stays through out the glass.

More drinking allows the beer to warm and there are drying, fruity notes with a creamy undertone that are revealed.


This is a fantastic beer. It’s fruity and fresh, which makes it super easy to drink, but also wonderfully complex. As you drink this unusual beer, it has so many different flavour notes, which reveal themselves. Go grab yourself a can and if you can find one, then pick up any of their other beers. I am yet to find one that I haven’t loved!

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