Wiper and True Tap Room

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What: Wiper and True are a small Bristol based brewery, who have spent a lot of their short life brewing nomadically in other people’s breweries. However they have now settled on a well appointed home in St Werburghs. Each Saturday they open this home from 1pm – 7pm and invite people in for a beer. The bar serves a range of beer, including one which is exclusively sold in the tap room and is poured directly from the tank.

They are a hugely friendly bunch, who make a fantastically diverse, yet consistent range of beer, so you can expect to be greeted in a friendly manner and to try some excellent beer. They also take people on tours of their facility, share some of the history of their beer and the science behind the brewing process.

Where: 2-8 York Street, St Werburghs, Bristol

Why: When I visited the tap room I arrived at opening time, to be greeted by a fair number of people waiting for the tour. The atmosphere was calm and friendly. As I sat down and made my way through three 1/3’s of beer, the room filled and emptied over time, but always maintained a pleasing hum of busyness. The staff were friendly and knowledgeable, explaining each beer and discussing the intricacies of going vegetarian for the month of January!

I tried three beers and they were all fantastic.

How Much: The prices of the beer vary depending on amount and variety of beer, but between £2-4 per drink is what I spent.

More Info: http://wiperandtrue.com/the-tasting-table/

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