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What: Wild Beer Co are a Somerset based (Currently Evercreech, next to Westcombe Dairy) brewery that make a wide variety of barrel aged and unorthodox yeast fermented beers. If I have already lost you in the science of beer already, then think about them as brewers who are more interested in creating interesting, differently flavoured beers than that are sticking to traditional beer making methods. Over the years the have steadily grown a following of beer lovers and recently they crowd funded a huge sum of money to enable them to both develop the production quantity of their core range, whilst still having space to age and ferment in different ways.

Where: You can get a small range of Wild Beer in more specialist supermarkets and beer shops, such as Books and Bottles(Our most local shop), or you can visit their fantastic restaurant/bars, either in Cheltenhamor Wapping Wharf, Bristol.

Why: Ever since the brewery was established, they have pushed the boundaries of what a beer looks, smells and tastes like. When you buy a bottle of beer from Wild Beer you have an almost explicit guarantee that is not going to be dull. There might be some that at first you find odd and I am sure that there will be some that people may even hate, but they will always provide a flavour journey.

To highlight what you might get to experience, here are a few that I have had the pleasure of drinking lately:

How Much: Each of the beers vary in price, from £2.25 right through to close to £20 dependant on the processes, ingredients and quantity of the beer that is available.

More Info:Either get down to a Wild Beer Bar,where experienced staff will be on hand to guide you through (and you can pick up some fantastic food) or get online and buy some goodies: https://wildbeer.myshopify.com

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