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hat: Based in Bristol, GingerBeard’s are a small craft producer of jams, chutneys and other table sauces. They are most famous for their collaborations with a variety of local craft beer and spirits producers. They make all their sauces in small batches, where possible using local ingredients and without using artificial preservatives or setting agents.

Where: You can find them selling their wares at markets around the South West, you can pop into a Better Food Company shop or you can buy online from their online store:

Why: Being a big craft beer fan and a huge fan of bristol street food, I first came across Ginger Beards Preserves through a visit to a special “Summer Sessions” (Happening again this summer) open day at Lost and Grounded Brewery. Their Amoor Chipotle Ketchup was a sauce option on one of Underdog Bristol’s amazing hotdogs. It was so good that I immediately became addicted. As you can see from the photo’s below, I pretty much add it to everything that I eat!

Since then, I have branched out a little and enjoyed the following products:

Fermented Scotch Sriracha– Hot Sauce, with a sweet yet savoury backdrop that it picks up from its marriage with scotch whisky. Big fan of drizzling this across the top of a thick slice of toast, covered in beans and cheese.

Pineapple & Twisted Chill Gin-Jar Jam– A thick, sweet, spiced chutney that makes an exceptional addition to a toasted cheese sandwich.

No Rest For Dancers: A Garlic Pickle – A tangy pickle, which has a warmth and a depth of flavours. I love this as an addition to a homemade burger, but could happily eat it on almost every sandwich you can think of.

How Much: £4 – 6 depending on the product that you choose.

More Info:

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