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Hello Everybody,

The very observant amongst you will have noticed that I haven’t been posting reviews lately. In fact, if you had been super observant you would have noticed that we haven’t posted for the entire of 2019. There are three main reasons for this:

One: We built an extension on the back of our house and had to move out for nearly two months, which meant that whisky reviews dropped down the pecking order a bit.

Two: Then as we got back into home, we pretty much had to paint every room in our house and every piece of woodwork too. This meant that whisky reviews dropped even further down the list.

Three: Finally, in the middle of our painting (and before it was even finished), we decided to add another little person to our family and I kinda forgot what whisky even was, let alone reviewing the stuff.

However, life is slowly starting to go back to normal, despite sleep now being a rare commodity rather than a regular part of my schedule, so I have decided to try and get the blog up and running again. Expect a review a week for the next few months, with some whisky and maybe some food stuff too, depends on my mood.

Thanks for your patience, for sticking with us and hopefully we will make up for it going forwards!



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