AD Rattray – Bank Note

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This whisky is a blended whisky, made up of 40% malt whisky and 60% grain whisky. It is the only blend that AD Rattray make and again it is based on a historical blend, which was produced by James Sword & … Continued

Eigashima – The Kikou

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Sometimes whisky exists because of a long tradition of whisky making throughout many generations of the same family and sometimes whisky exists because the business case allows it. Eigashima Distillery has a long history, but not really of producing whisky. … Continued

Squeezed @ Wapping Wharf

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What: Squeezed is a tiny burger joint, which prides its self on creating incredible dirty burgers, well seasoned fries and refreshing lemonade. They source high welfare beef, make their own patties on site, then hadn’t craft all their amazing toppings themselves and … Continued