8 Arch Brewing – Corbel

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Brewery: 8 Arch Brewing Co ABV: 5.5% Serve: 330ml Bottle Price: Sample from #CraftBeerHour Expectations: Apart from the lovely bottle and the kind words from Tom @CraftBeerHour we had no expectations. Deliberations: More fruit on the nose, this time it is tropical fruit. Somewhere in … Continued

Quelle Farmhouse Pale

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Brewery: Beavertown ABV: 4.1% Serve: 350ml Can Price: £2.30 Expectations: I have been a big fan of Beavertown ales, but mostly the darker styles. Having not drunk a lot of Farmhouse Pales, it is a style I don’t know well.  Deliberations: When I opened … Continued

Sayers Stout

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Brewery: The London Beer Factory ABV: 4.5% Serve: 350ml Can Price: £1! (From a Flavourly starter kit offer) Expectations: Had heard nothing of this brewery before, as this came from a mixed Flavourly box. The graphics on the can are … Continued

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