Nikka – All Malt – 7.1


Japanese whisky is properly trendy and at times it seems like this trend has no purpose. However having just finished an amazing bottle of Yamasaki, I was searching for a replacement, but this time on a smaller budget.

I bought this bottle of whisky whilst on holiday in Cornwall. I was looking for a bottle to try and happened to stumble upon the fantastic Wadebridge Wines. They have a great collection of whisky, are happy for you to trial any that they have open and have knowledgable, friendly staff.

Nose: Vanilla, oak, almonds and leather sandals.

Taste: This whisky is sweet, like marshmallows or dried fruit. Some of the initial flavouring reminds me of pic and mic, that I still crave, even though it is supposed to be the domain of children. This initial sweetness leaves and is replaced by a light woody smoke. Again this reminds me of childhood and of camping with cub scouts. The final flavour is a medicinal numbness, which is like the smell of cleanliness in a hospital.

Mouthfeel: Soft, short and yet tingly.

Overall: This is a fantastic low priced blend. I would recommended it to those who like lowlands whisky and those that want a budget Japanese whisky for their collection. If this whisky was a car, it would something reliable, yet low priced. Maybe a Honda Jazz or a Skoda Octavia?

Real Dram Factor: 7.1

More Info: Nikka All Malt

Buy Online: Nikka All Malt 70 cl

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