Glenmorangie – Nectar D’Or – 74/100


I was introduced to whisky about eighteen months ago, by two of my wife’s cousins. I was a very reluctant guest at a whisky evening. I went mainly as the chaps I was seeing are lovely. They introduced me to a map of Scottish distilleries and were kind enough to share their whisky with me. I remember one of them saying that this was a favourite of theirs and that stuck in my mind. Fast forward twelve months and I was putting together a list for my birthday.

I was pleasantly surprised that one of my lovely parents had chosen to purchase this bottle for me. So naturally I was very excited to try it. I drank it at my house, with my mum in attendance from a whisky rocker (Which after finishing the dram, I smashed into a thousand pieces – They do not stay upright on a chair arm!!)

Nose: Salt, lemon and aftershave.

Taste: This whisky is a real mix of flavours. It is initially orangey and fruit, but dried fruit. Yet this flavour doesn’t stick around for long, it is quickly replaced with a strong flavour of toasted nuts. This spreads and brings spice and citrus. It is warming, punchy and very sweet, like white chocolate.

Mouthfeel: Sweet, Fruity and Salty. This mix gives warmth and power, which melts on the tongue and numbs the mouth

Overall: According to all that Glenmorangie would have you believe, this whisky is set apart from others by its maturation in Sauternes casks. I’ll be honest and say that I had no idea what Sauternes was or where they came from. Some searching brought up that this was a sweet French wine, which explains the sweetness of the whisky. I think it makes the whisky a really interesting dram to try, it is buttery, sweet and still has power.


Aroma – 15

Start – 15

Middle – 15

Finish – 15

Value – 14

Overall – 74/100

More Info: Glenmorangie Website

Available: Master of Malt

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