Glynnevan – Double Barrelled – 66/100


Recently, my mum has become somewhat of a nerd. She has become addicted to a certain TV programme, which will remind nameless. As a result of this addiction, she has attended conferences and made new friends. One of the hidden benefits is that some of these friends happen to be international. So for me, this means the opportunity to have whiskeys selected and delivered to this country. This means that today’s whiskey was a joyous surprise. An unexpected present, which was delivered to me. I drank it for the first time at home, from a Glencairn glass.

Nose: Ethanol, Oak, Dark Cherry and Chocolate.

Taste: Initially very sweet, with warmth and flavours of dark sugar. This moves quickly over the tongue, with oak spreading delicately and quickly to the sides of the mouth. Then as quickly as it arrives, it departs. The flavour is so quick to depart, but so pleasant that you instantly want to drink again. A second dram, brings hazelnut flavours, combined with toffee and light spicing.

Mouthfeel: Short, sweet and very light.

Overall: Really pleased to have a bourbon like whiskey in my collection. It’s incredibly easy to drink, simple, yet has depth. This distillery seems to still be very unheard of, but my hope is that with this bottle making it to the country, hopefully the word will spread quickly!


Aroma – 12

Start – 13

Middle – 14

Finish – 13

Value – 14

Overall – 66/100

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Available: Currently only available in Nova Scotia, but why not email them and say we sent you:

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