Edradour – Ballechin 10 – 68/100


This was given to me by my lovely parents, completely out of the blue on an early Christmas holiday in Derbyshire. They had visited the Edradour distillery earlier in the year and picked it up for me, as an incredibly thoughtful treat. I drank it, whilst playing the board game Settlers of Catan, from a tumbler and I was in an incredibly cheery mood. Its very rare that I would own a whisky that I know nothing about and also know nothing about the distillery.

Nose: Peaty, Honey, Oak

Taste: An instant shot of peat, which doesn’t punch your flavour glands, but caresses them gently. This is balanced by a sweetness, which passes by quickly and is replaced with a pleasant dryness that spreads and brings warmth as the whisky is swallowed.

Mouthfeel: Powerful, yet calm. Dry, yet warm.

Overall: An interesting offering to come out of a Highland distillery. Peaty, powerful, oaky, yet tempered by sweetness and straw. An absolute result when it comes to a whisky bought by a relative without help!



Aroma – 14

Start – 13

Middle – 14

Finish – 13

Value – 14

Overall – 68/100

More Info: Edradour Whiskies

Available: The Whisky Exchange


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