Benromach – 10 Year Old – 72/100


We have a fantastic wine shop in North Bristol, called Corks of Cotham. This bottle came from a recommendation from their, whilst out on a short trip looking for wine. Sadly, I didn’t get any wine, but luckily I did buy this bottle. I drank it in my home, after a long day at work, from a short, straight glass.

Nose: Sherry, oak, smoke and pear.

Taste: Initially smooth, sweet and oaky, like the flavour that hits the mouth and nose as you walk through a wood on a warm, sunny day. This gives way to a warmth with wraps itself around the tongue, bringing with it a spice of liquorice and a sweetness that lingers. This flavour stays and warms. In the background there is a smoke that wisps across the palate, like a bonfire reaching the nose from a distance.

Mouthfeel: Smooth, warming and easy to drink. However this delicacy and smoothness is countered by the heat and spice.

Overall: This whisky warms, is delicate, yet packs a flavour punch. Fruit, smoke and oak dance around together in a merry whirl, until all that is left behind is warm.



Aroma – 14

Start – 14

Middle – 15

Finish – 15

Value – 14

Overall – 72/100

More Info: Benromach

Available: Master of Malt

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