The Yamazaki 12 Year Old – 86/100

imageGiven the festive nature of the current season, I was looking for an apt whisky to review, when on this most festive of evenings the perfect opportunity occurred. My lovely daughter suggested when preparing for Santa that he might like a wee dram as a pick me up when he arrived at our house. My wife suggested we treat him, so I reached for one of my favourite bottles on my shelf. The whisky Santa was being treated to? The Yamazaki 12 Year Old.

So, I am drinking a festive dram with a plate of cheese and biscuits.

Nose: Leather, apple, lemon, raisin and honey.

Taste: Intially this whisky is smooth, honeyed and sweet. This is quickly complimented by a woody, delicately smokey note, which gives way to spice and floral points. It is full flavoured and numbing, but not in any way harsh. If this was a chair, it would be a well worn, leather single seater with high arm rests and a faint smell of tobacco smoke. The final flavour that stays is one to savour and rolls around the mouth.

Mouthfeel: Delicate, but full flavoured, with a long pleasant finish.

Overall: I know that Japanese whisky is currently very en vogue, but take this whisky on its own and it’s a damn fine dram. It’s complex, without being niche, it’s comfortingly easy to drink, but in no way dull. It’s a whisky to always have in the collection, but as its popularity rises, so will it’s price. I love sharing this whisky, but I always make sure that I am not too generous.


Aroma – 18

Start – 17

Middle – 18

Finish – 17

Value – 16

Overall – 86/100

More Info: Suntory Distillery

Available: Amazon

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