Hibiki – 12 Year Old


IMG_3633I bought this lovely whisky about six months ago after seeing the 50cl bottle on a great deal. I have slowly, but surely been making my way through the bottle. When it was obvious that I was down to the last (generous) dram, I waited patiently for the right time to drink it. A boxing day walk and a new hip flask seemed like the perfect combination. So I filled up the silver container and headed out in to the sunshine with my family. After drinking a few glugs on a park bench, I felt in necessary to keep the rest for a more refined setting. So this last dram is being reviewed in the comfort of my father in law’s lounge.

Nose: Peach, Honey and Pineapple

Taste: This is such a fruity, floral whisky. The initial flavour is a mix of honeyed, delicate sweetness, combined with the variety of flavours you might gain from eating dried fruit mix. There is apricot, pineapple and a hint of plum. This gives way to an woodiness, which is gentle yet warming. Where this whisky really comes alive however is in the final flavours, as the heat dissipates, so all the flavours experienced before return in different measures. They dance, delight and the disappear, like fireworks of flavour.

Mouthfeel: This is light, smooth, yet warming whisky which is full flavoured but light. It has a depth of flavour and remains for a good while.



Aroma – 17

Start – 17

Middle – 17

Finish – 18

Value – 15

Overall – 84/100

More Info: Suntory Distillery

Available: Amazon

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