Chivas Regal – 12 Years Old


This is an odd pleasure, a secret Santa gift that I am actually interested in. As a fan of single malts, I am always dubious about blends, but am learning not to be. There are quality blends out there. I tasted this whisky back in my house after a Christmas holiday away. It came from a miniature and I drank it from a straight, heavy bottomed glass.

Nose: Hazelnut, Vanilla, Apple and Brown Sugar

Taste: Initially a very light, sweet flavour that is very missable. It passes quickly, but moves into the second flavour, which is dark, herby, fruity like a good quality bag of dark brown sugar. This second flavour is strong, almost too strong, which is off putting. However this intensity actually turns to be more flavourful, full of fruit and honey. The final flavour is a deep oakey root that grows through the flavour, like a root of a large tree.

Oddly, I am undecided. This needs more drinking than the tiny bottle that I have for consideration. It could a great whisky, interesting and earthy, or it could be just another whisky. I may need to find a larger bottle and return to this whisky again.

Mouthfeel: Punchy, sweet and yet woody. This lingers and moves through the mouth.



Aroma – 13

Start – 14

Middle – 13

Finish – 15

Value – 15

Overall – 70/100

More Info: Chivas Website

Available: Tesco

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