Ardbeg – Uigeadail

It’s Christmas, and I got a lovely bottle of Ardbeg Uigeadail from my folks this year. I’ve just had cheese on toast and I’m watching an episode of House where 3 legs are being chopped off, so what better time to taste my new bottle.

Nose: Phenolic, Smoke, Sherry somehow, then chocolate eventually.

Taste: Smoke, Strong Alcohol, Scorched peat, seaweed and shoe polish.

Mouthfeel: Oily, Burns the tongue, drying and medicinal

Overall: I feel like I’m being educated drinking this whisky. I also feel like I’m holding Thor’s hammer. The finish lasts for about a month. I stopped drinking to type this and watch another episode of House, and after about 30mins I realised I could still taste this beasty. I like it a lot, but it takes commitment to the dram to get past the initial punches to the face and head. A few drops of water (literally only a few drops) open up a whole heap of new good stuff, but it’s lovely as it comes too. For the money, currently £54 on MoM, it’s definitely worth buying because it’s simply very good and an experience worth having. If that’s not enough motivation, you could buy a bottle just to compare your thoughts to Jim Murray’s review, because he sings it some pretty high praise, and he knows stuff.

Either way, my advice is you should buy one of these once for yourself, and once for someone you love and respect.

Aroma – 17
Start – 16
Middle – 18
Finish – 19
Value – 16

Overall – 86/100

More Info: Uigeadail derives from the Scotch Gaelic for ‘Dark and Mysterious Place’ and is named for the Loch from whence Ardbeg draws its waters. Jim Murray’s 2009 World Whisky of the Year, this cask-strength bottle exudes breathtaking balance.

Available: Master of Malt

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