Aberlour – 10 Years Old


After starting my whisky journey, I looked for whiskies that were cheaply priced and yet still had good reviews from around the internet. This whisky met both criteria and I found it on a great offer. I quickly drank it, before moving on to other whiskies, so this has a place in my heart. However, I am drinking the final whisky, from my miniatures triumvirate and from a straight glass in my lounge.

Nose: This whisky smells of raisins, nuts and toffee, all the hallmarks of a sweet sherried whisky.

Taste: Initially this whisky tastes like raisins, nuts and toffee. If you bought a sticky toffee pudding and mixed it with a dark fruit cake you would adequately come up with an approximate flavour. It then becomes creamy, like honey or caramel. Even like a smoothness, or creaminess of banoffee pie. The final flavour is rich, caramelly and sweet with honey.

Mouthfeel: This whisky has a smooth, rich flavour.

Overall: Even though there are many more complex whiskies, with much more variety, intrigue and interest, this is a great value whisky. Its flavour is short, but pleasant. It is sweet, creamy and fruity.

Aroma – 13
Start – 13
Middle – 13
Finish – 13
Value – 14

Overall – 66/100

More Info: The evidence, looks like this 10 Year Old is not long for the world, but the Aberlour distillery information is here… Aberlour Distillery

Available: Most Supermarkets, but also Masters of Malt

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