The Glenlivet – Founders Reserve

IMG_3735Another wee dram taken from a tasting set, given to my by a very secretive festive visitor. It may be a bottle, which is small in stature, but I am looking forward to drinking it all the same.

Nose: This whisky smells of dates, orange and toffee.

Taste: The very slight initial flavour is sweet, but passes quickly. As it goes there are more notes of apple, but also spice. This is almost Christmassy spice in flavour, like cinnamon, mixed spice and star anise. The spices move toward an oakey, warmth and chocolatey sweetness. Sadly, this final flavour is chemically and overly bitter.

Mouthfeel: Very sweet and smooth initially, but sharp and brash to finish.

Overall: This whisky feels like most superhero movies. You are desperate to like them and all the constituent parts are there, a good producer, interesting reviews and a decent price. On first drink, I was interested by the spices and the fruit, much like the best action set piece. Sadly, as the film and whisky in this case finish, the initial optimism is replaced by frustration at the lack of character and subtlety. This whisky isn’t with merit entirely, but its delicate spicy, sweet initial flavour are destroyed by the uncultured, chemically final flavour, which simply destroys my desire to drink anymore.

Aroma – 12
Start – 13
Middle – 13
Finish – 10
Value – 13

Overall – 61/100

More Info: The Glenlivet Website

Available: Masters of Malt

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