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IMG_3751Sometimes, just sometimes, people surprise you with how well they know you and the thought they put into gifts. One such time happened in the now long past (Its been a whole week back at work) festive season. My lovely brother in law put together a blind tasting session, that ended in me receiving a bottle of my favoured dram from the selection of three. I had been talking for weeks about getting hold of some bourbons to try and lo and behold, then whisky I chose was a bourbon, this bourbon to be precise.

Tonight finds me babysitting, so this seems like a perfect time to revisit the dram and to review it. I am drinking the dram, whilst watching the FA Cup and its from a solid, straight glass. As I got the Whisky bible for christmas, I have even started the tasting by eating a small amount of dark chocolate.

Nose: Straight away, this is an interesting nose. As my experience of whisky is mainly malted barley based drams this takes me to a new place. Its oddly like furniture polish, full of oak, but sweet like brown sugar. There is also a floral note.

Taste: Initially this whiskey is sweet, but fruity, it opens quickly to a flavour that reminds me of rum and pulls me on to a beach somewhere warm. Dragging me from a cold Bristolian evening and plonking me on to a beach can’t ever be a bad thing, but this middle flavour is also a pretty harsh flavour. This can no way be described as a subtle dram. This middle flavour is drying and spicy. It warms the mouth and troubles the tongue. The final flavour is numbing and creamy, like a vanilla yoghurt packed into a sauna.

I should end my review there, but I feel that this whisky opens up a huge need to drink more bourbon. To review anything fully, you need to drink poor, middling and excellent examples of that type. I imagine that there are better
bourbons, but I imagine that there are many worse.

Mouthfeel: Never boring, sweet, drying and spicy.

Aroma – 14
Start – 12
Middle – 12
Finish – 13
Value – 14

Overall – 65/100

More Info: Woodford Reserve

Available: Masters of Malt

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