Ledaig – 10 Years Old

IMG_3773After a stressful, frustrating week in the Real Dram house, a good wander and a lengthy man chat was what was needed. I headed over to Real Dram Si’s house, for a quick trip to Bristol’s only Micro Pub, The Drapers Arms. After a lovely pint in the fantastic surroundings of this brand new establishment, we headed back to t’other Real Dram house, to check out his post Christmas whisky hoard. I decided to go with two Islay’s, which I was really looking forward to. The first was the Ledaig 10 Year Old and the second the very heralded Ardbeg Uigeadail. For a review, you can follow the link: Ardbeg Uigeadail

Nose: smokey, oily, raspberry jam.

Taste: After nosing and getting the power of smoke, I readied myself for the power and punch I associate with many Islay drams. This whisky however was much more subtle that that.

Its intial flavour which sits with you for longer than most is light, sweet and honeyed. Then all of a sudden this whisky bursts into life. It’s lightly smoky, numbing on the tongue and woody. It’s spicy and warming. I would equate this to putting the fire on, when it’s not quite cold enough for it. Joyous, fun, yet ultimately unsatisfying when you look bad. In print this sounds harsh, as it’s a great whisky, but there are Islays that I much prefer.

Mouthfeel: Light, Blossoming and Woodied.

Aroma – 15
Start – 15
Middle – 15
Finish – 16
Value – 15

Overall – 76/100

More Info: Tobermory Distillery

Available: Green Welly Stop


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