Glenkinchie – 12 Years Old

IMG_3781Sometimes we buy whisky for wholesome, good reasons, like a desire to taste or interesting recommendations from other people. Sometimes we buy it for less savoury reasons, like a flash sale on a large online retailer. I bought this whisky sadly for the second set of reasons. However, it is stated to be one of the classic malts and the only distillery in Edinburgh, which makes it very interesting.

Also I was bought a bottle of this whisky by my wife for a Fathers Day early in my whisky journey, so its good to go back and review it with older, more experienced eyes. I am drinking from a short, straight glass.

Aroma: Citrus, Oak and Furniture Polish.

Taste: The first flavour is light, sweet and very short, but also tart and tingly. It tastes like honey and lemon, which obviously brings to mind flavours that are associated with wanting to feel well, but not quite making it. This is such a short flavour and it disappears quickly, to be replaced by an odd combination of grass and oak. This is a young, fresh flavour, but it also feels oddly chemically. The final flavour is tingly, numbing and wooden. The aftertaste is drying, tasting of a combination of tannins and oats.

Mouthfeel: Light, Drying and Sweet


Aroma – 13
Start – 12
Middle – 13
Finish – 13
Value – 14

Overall – 65/100

More Info: The Classic Malts – Glenkinchie

Available: Masters of Malt

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