Oban – 14 Year Old

IMG_3819January has fully kicked in at Real Dram Towers and with that the desire to kick the Christmas habit of drinking every night has also kicked in. So if we have been a little less than forthcoming with our reviews, we can only apologise. Today was a long and busy day, so when the cleaning, tidying, washing up and washing is done, its time for a little treat. This finds me testing and reviewing one of my Christmas drams. I have heard a lot of positive things about the Oban and read lots of good reviews, so I am very optimistic of a clean, interesting dram.

Aroma: Brown Sugar, Citrus and Oak

Taste: At first I found this an odd whisky to taste, the initial flavour is so short and subtle that it feels almost lacking. However as you enter the second, third and subsequent drams the familiar, comforting aroma emitted from the liquid becomes this missing first flavour. As the liquid makes contact with the tongue, the flavour is like a sweet, like popcorn. Quickly this flavour departs and is replaced by a blossoming woodiness, that coats the tongue, bringing with it citrus, hay and yet cream. Moving away this flavour is replaced by a short, sharp burst of medicinal notes, that quickly dissipate, as the mouth is numbed, warmed and treated to gentle spices.

This whisky is a comforter, an old favourite, like a well worn pair of slippers that bring homeliness and pleasure to the end of a day. If you have drunk it before and dismissed it as offering nothing, give it time. It is subtle, but interesting, sweet, yet drying. This whiskies real charm is it ability to slowly, but surely become one of your favourites.

Light and sweet, but drying and spicy.

Aroma – 15
Start – 14
Middle – 15
Finish – 16
Value – 14

Overall – 74/100

More Information: The Classic Malts

Available: Bernabei

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