Nikka – Black

IMG_3848Today has been a great day. We spent it with family friends visiting the Electric Bear Brewing Company, which is a fantastic new brewery in Bath. So this review finds me drinking a small nightcap after sampling some of the lovely ale that I brought back with me. I am drinking it, whilst watching the classic film, Vertigo with my parents. I am drinking from a straight sided, heavy bottomed glass.

Aroma: Oak smoke, Apple and Brown Sugar

Taste: This is a smokey, peaty dram but a delicate one. Its initial flavour is a mix of three main flavours, that of a floral honey, which brings sweetness, ageing oak, which drys and light smoke, which brings depth and character. Soon though this combination of flavours gives way to the smoke. It bursts to life, like a fire being lit in the mouth and the liquid becomes almost chewable. It widens, warming and numbing the mouth. This is the point at which this whisky hits its stride. Its finish is long, complex and wooden. The different flavours roll round the mouth and delight the tastebuds. Its a strong, almost acidic flavour, which reminds me of lemons and yet isn’t in any way citrusey.

Mouthfeel: Chewable, Smokey and Drying

Overall: This whisky excels in its last third, the smoke and peat are powerful, but not all consuming. Its flavour puts to mind caramelised root vegetables, sweet yet darkened. It moves me to the bonfire side and fills me with the same warmth.

Aroma – 17
Start – 16
Middle – 16
Finish – 17
Value – 16

Overall – 82/100

More Information: Nikka Whiskies EU


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