Gordon and Macphail – Highland Park – 8 Years Old

IMG_3879After drinking the Highland Park 12 a few times in different pubs and then being amazed by the Highland Park 18 in the ace Woods bar off Park Street, I was looking for a different expression that I could buy. I had seen a few interesting bottlings and then I happened to be in Corks of Cotham, where I found this well priced dram. I have in my limited time drinking whisky heard lots of great things about Gordan & Macphail bottlings, so this seemed like a must buy.

Aroma: This whisky has a light, fresh fruity aroma. It has notes of pineapple and oak.

Taste: In an age where whisky seems to be moving rapidly away from age statements, it seems odd to say that a whisky tastes its age, but in my opinion this one definitely does.

It is a young, underdeveloped and green tasting dram. It opens sweetly, with honey and lemon.

It’s middle tastes strongly alcoholic, with a raw oaken heart. This part is the whiskies least enjoyable, it climbs through the mouth, chemically and over powering.

Then it becomes spicy, leafy and drying. This is where the casking is most apparent. Oak is the final flavour and this opens, lingers and is easily the most enjoyable section.

Mouthfeel: This is a spicy, drying green whisky.

Overall: I am glad I bought this whisky, it’s much more interesting than the 12, but much less classy than the 18. Like with most things, youth brings vibrancy, but age brings refinement and to my mind that’s what is missing here.

Aroma: 14

Start: 13

Middle: 11

Finish: 13

Value: 14

Overall: 65/100

More Information: Gordon and Macphail

Available: The Whisky Exchange

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