Connemara – Peated

IMG_3964Weekends end best when they end with whisky. This has been a lovely, but incredibly wet weathered weekend. We have seen family, played games, eaten food and even had chance to hang out with one of the whisky gang and their family. So, this whisky seemed like a pertinent end to the weekend. I got what remains of this bottle from one of the members of our esteemed whisky club.

He wasn’t a fan, but when I drank it during the last gathering it seemed interesting enough to warrant a second dram and a review. We sit keeping warm in the lounge with wind battering the window, watching a new box set. I am drinking it neat from a straight glass.

Aroma: Peat, the Insoles of new trainers and Lemon.

Taste: The instant hit of the whisky is honey and lemon, its sharp and medicinal, like a quality throat lozenge. This tang is short, strongly alcoholic and peppery. As this melts away, the warmth and strength of peat spreads from the point of contact with the tongue.

It develops, washing around the mouth. It leaves behind spicing, wood and dryness. This flavour is deep and joyous. Its strong in flavour, but only lightly peated. There is a second medicinal flavour, smokey and pungent like TCP. This flavour is a combination of bandages, bonfires and cleaning chemicals. Described this way it sounds unpleasant, but it isn’t. This last flavour is joyous, warming, spicy and nutty. It leaves the tongue numb and the mouth dry and sweet.

Mouthfeel: Sweet, pungent, but easy to drink.

Overall: This is far more interesting than it deserves to be. Its amazingly cheap, but powerful. It has a slight opening, but a really developed final flavour, which lasts and lasts, drawing you back for more.


Aroma: 12

Start: 12

Middle: 14

Finish: 15

Value: 15

Overall: 68/100

More Information: The Kilbeggan Distillery Company

Available: Amazon

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