Ardmore Traditional Cask

IMG_4058 (1)One of the real joys of starting this blog, has been the community that I have become (in a very small way) part of online. Especially through the medium of Twitter… So, firstly, a big thank you to The Amateur Drammer and The Whisky Wire for the recommendation of this sadly nearly demised whisky. I was lucky enough to find the last bottle hidden in a online shop and there do seem to more out there, so if this review sparks your interest, hunt now!

The other joy of whisky comes from introducing friends to new drams and sharing the joy of comparing notes with them. I am drinking this whisky at home with my good friend Ben and newly reacquainted friend, Luke. I am drinking from a Glencairn glass and loving the Monday night whisky times!

Aroma: Lemon, Vanilla and Toasted Oak.

Taste: Straight onto the palate is the sweetness of vanilla, which is smooth, mellow, creamy and inviting. This is counterpointed by the darker notes of caramel. They dance away and mingle with the oak, which tries to dry the mouth, but is never allowed to by the constant heady sweetness of the vanilla. At this point there are notes of cereal and the faint waft of smoke and peat.

There is a goldenness of caramel and oak, which has fruity notes running through it. To me this fruit was reminiscent of eating strawberries and cream in the middle of summer.

The final flavour is more acidic, but never does this remove the sweetness. Here there are more feint hints of smoke and peat, somewhere quietly nestled in the background. Instantly as the flavour drops from the mouth, I wanted to taste more. The smoothness of this whisky is infectious, moreish and calls for repeated drams.

Mouthfeel: Smooth, like a velvet smoking jacket.

Overall: This is such a smooth, drinkable dram. So much so that after tasting, I considered buying a pipe and some slippers and sitting by a roaring fire in a large leather chair. Sadly, I am not a laird of a Scottish manor house. So instead, I settled for a couple more drams in my ex-council house in the city!

Aroma: 15

Start: 15

Middle: 15

Finish: 16

Value: 16

Overall: 77/100

More Information: Ardmore Traditional

Available: Master of Malt

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