Auchentoshan 10 Years Old

IMG_4068 There was a time, in the not so distant past that I would always choose ale when I was in the pub. I was a died in the wool ale drinker, who would drink nothing else, then I got married and the world of wine opened up to me. As I passed my thirtieth and made a career change, so I was gifted the start of my whisky collection and a love affair began. Now it is very rare to see me drinking ale, which means that my bar bills are larger, but my recycling collection is much lighter. Tonight I am drinking with friends on the Gloucester Road, which for me now means a chance to drink some new whisky and to expand my horizons that little further.

My selection was made tonight on a hunch, from something that I thought I had read in the whisky bible. Appropriately, I am drinking from a tumbler, in a pretend arm chair. If this wasn’t a hipster pub, then it would be a comfy chair, by a fire. As it is I will have to make do with distressed wood and exposed concrete.

Aroma: Caramel, Lemon and Oak

Taste: This whisky is initially very woody, drying and spicy. There is sweetness there, but it is only fleeting and hidden firmly behind the spice. As this taste swirls, there are more noticeable caramel tones. Just as you are growing used to this flavour the whisky then it opens out to a vanilla sweetness. This is puddingy, like a Panna Cotta or a Creme Brulee. This flavour lasts for a few brief moments and then is then overcome again by the final flavours of the whisky, which sit on the tongue. These flavours are a more mellow version of the earlier spice. They are short, smooth and then done.

Mouthfeel: Light, Smooth, Short and Spicy

Overall: It would be wrong to say that I was blown away by this whisky. It is pleasant, eminently drinkable and has some interesting flavour notes, but it needs another dynamic. I hope that I can try some of Auchentoshan’s other whiskies, as this has enough about it to suggest that there would be great drams available in their distillery.

Aroma: 13

Start: 12


Finish: 12

Value: 14

Overall: 64/100

More Information: Whisky Exchange

Available: Sadly, I have just found that this has been discontinued. So if you want a dram, then try The Wellington pub on the top of Gloucester Road!!

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