Teeling Whiskey – Small Batch

IMG_4075There are times that call for class and then there are times that call for drinking whisky from a ex-tea cup on a train travelling North. Having a little spare time on a journey alone to see my family and also having the pleasure of travelling by train, I decided to crack open the second of my three little Teeling bottles.

Aroma: Golden Sugar, Straw, Citrus

Taste: This whiskey is dark, brooding and syrupy. It has such a distinct rum like flavour, which it has gained from what must have been the most formative part of its creation. Though lighter in colour than I expected this whisky starts dryer, darker and more powerful that I thought it would be.

The start flavour is strong and punchy. It combines the sugar of a rum, with the oak of a bourbon. This is initially sweet, with notes of caramel and nuts, like buttered almonds. The middle flavour is where the wood comes in, drying, dark and interesting. This part of the flavour is sharp, acidic and orangey.

The final flavour sits on the middle of the tongue and top of the mouth. It clings on and invites you to sample it again. The legs are long and those last notes hang around for a while.

Mouthfeel: Dark, yet smooth. Drying, yet sweet.

Overall: This is a flavourful blend, which apparently contains a large amount of single malt. I think it would appeal to those whisky drinkers, who dabble more than occasionally in the dark arts of drinking rum. My only criticism is that it lacks subtlety, each part of the flavour journey is distinct from the last, but they are all a little one dimensional for my taste.

Aroma: 14

Start: 14


Finish: 12

Value: 13

Overall: 66/100

More Information: Teeling Whiskey

Available: Grape and Grind

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