Macallan – Speymalt 1997

IMG_4137As mentioned in the last review, I was up in Sheffield last weekend, visiting family and friends.There were a variety of reasons for my travel, some nice and some less so, but one of the best parts of the weekend was a chance to visit the excellent The Dram Shop. I described it at the time, as “A little piece of Heaven, located in South Yorkshire” and I firmly stand by that review. As a lover of single malt, there is nothing more exciting that than three walls full of whisky, except perhaps four walls!! All at what seemed like reasonable prices. After much oohing, umming, ahhing and some online research, I settled on what looked like the most interesting bottle, the Macallan Speymalt. After trying the Macallan Gold a few months ago and finding it to be smooth like silk, I have been keen to try more.

So, tonight, after a lot of driving today and no more than a little stress, I have poured myself a dram into a short, heavy bottomed glass.

Aroma: Pepper, Vanilla and Mango

Flavour: This is a really robust whisky, with a variety of flavour points and interesting features. This sherry influenced whisky starts almost deceptively smooth, sweet and light. This flavour only lasts as long as the whisky sits on the front of the tongue. As it moves across toward the back of the mouth, there is a intense shot of peppery spice, which mingles with oak, soft red fruit and the sweetness of banana. This middle flavour is comforting and yet powerful.

At this point, the spice begins to build, like a fire has been set. This fire warms and warms and the flavour develops and tingles around the top of the mouth. This flavour is drying, but smooth, it is dark and rich. The final flavour feels distinguished and classy. I imagine if you were to grind old leather books and distill them into a liquid, this would be the flavour that you arrive at.

Mouthfeel: Strong, Drying and Full Flavoured

Overall: This is exactly the whisky that I hoped it would be, its smooth and easy to drink, but is dark, strong and dynamic. I would be interested to see what adding a drop of water might do to this whisky. I imagine that it would open up and develop even more layers than when it is neat.

Aroma: 16

Start: 16

Middle: 16

Finish: 17

Value: 14

Overall: 79/100

More Information: Gordon and Macphail

Available: Master of Malt

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