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IMG_4226What with this being the first of March and St David’s Day, I wanted to get involved and celebrate too. Now I am aware that Yorkshire men shouldn’t naturally be found celebrating today, but when there is whisky to be drunk, we will celebrate. We picked up this bottle last week when we found it on offer in Marks and Spencer and waited to open it on this most seasonal of days. I am drinking the dram from a Glencairn and listening to the football.

Aroma: Pear Drops, Papaya and Cantaloupe Melon

Taste: This is an unusual flavour journey of a whisky, it is sweet, fruity and light and almost completely unlike anything else that I have ever drunk.

Initially, as the golden liquid hits the mouth it is sweet like honey. This sweetness is floral and light, somewhere between Parma Violets and tropical fruits. As it sits on the tongue the whisky builds in strength and alcohol builds, but stops before becoming dark or drying. It is warming and easy to drink, always silky smooth and sweet.

The final flavours leave a tingle on the walls of the mouth and on the tongue. This final flavour has a strong note of oak, which sits on the sides of the tongue. There are returning floral and fruity notes, pear, vanilla and pudding like spices.

Mouthfeel: Light, Sugary Sweet and amazingly easy to drink.

Overall: As mentioned above, there a few drams that I have sampled that sit in the same place as this whisky. It has similar floral notes to some of the English Whiskies and a sweetness that I can only remember tasting in the Taiwanese dram, Kavalan. Oddly enough, this whisky most reminds me of the sweetness and fruit of an ice wine that we drank on Christmas Day this year.

Aroma: 13

Start: 13

Middle: 14

Finish: 14

Value: 14

Overall: 68/100

More Information: Penderyn Distillery

Available: The Whisky Exchange

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