Tullamore Dew – 14 Year Old

IMG_4235This is the final review from our #TullamoreDEW Tweet Tasting, we will return to the Cider Cask at another time. Coming up last seemed to be unfair to it, so expect a review at a later date. This dram is the only single malt on the list and was a huge favourite with the others on Twitter. I drank it from a Glencairn and I halved it with RealDramSi, so that we both got a wee dram.

Aroma: The nose on this dram was more complex, there were lots of fruited flavours. They ranged from grapes and raisins, which were fruity and rich, all the way to the acid and zest of orange and pineapple.

Taste: This whisky started with creamy, rich notes of dried golden cereals. They whirled together with citrus and honeyed sweetness. These notes all come together to remind me of dipping a spoon into a Panna cotta and delighting in the smoothness.

After that there is a growing darkness, which is full of oaked dryness, caramelised brown sugar and mellow spice. This middle flavour has a definite flavour of a bourbon. However this is accompanied by other layers, there are notes of vanilla and of fruit.

As the darkness dissipates around the mouth, there is sweetness, which remains bringing along some citrus notes, with some dried fruit notes.

Mouthfeel: This is a more complex whisky than the first two, so there are spicy notes and there is some dryness. However this always remains mellow and smooth.

Overall: In the context of the Twitter tasting, I felt like I should have enjoyed this dram the most. It was by far the most difficult to read, which means it had depths that weren’t explored. This led me to enjoy the 12 Year the most on the evening. I would however love to re-visit this one the most.

Aroma: 15

Start: 15


Finish: 15

Value: 13

Overall: 73/100

More Information: The Spirits Business

Available: Celtic Whisky Shop

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