Glenturret – Triple Wood

IMG_4272Up North again this weekend and visiting my parents. They have recently been on a short holiday break to Crieff Hydro, which meant a trip to the Glenturret distillery. For me, that means the opportunity to try a new dram. They were even kind enough to bring home some takeaway drams to taste and review. Tonight I am drinking from a Glencairn glass and am watching the film, The Green Hornet.

Aroma: Muscavado sugar, dried berry fruits and sherry.

Taste: This whisky begins sweet, bright and zesty. The sweetness comes with a huge side helping of orange fruit, there is the roundness of raisin and there is warmth and goldenness of syrup.

As it opens up, the raisins are the most present flavour. They are wide, fruity and sweet. This middle flavour is where the wood of the name is most prevalent. The oak brings spice on to the middle of the tongue, whilst the bourbon brings vanilla and cream.

The final flavour slips backwards, is strongly alcoholic and warms the throat. This final flavour is lightly spiced and honeyed. There are floral elements, but they are only very small and float in and out of the background.

Mouthfeel: Light, sweet and syrupy.

Overall: They say that the wood makes the whisky and in this case it is very true. The aroma and initial flavour is all about the sherry, then in the middle there is spice of bourbon, lastly there is dryness of oak.

Aroma: 14

Start: 14

Middle: 14

Finish: 15

Value: 14

Overall 71/100

More Information: Glenturret Website

Available: Master of Malt

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