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IMG_4288Whisky is a wonderful, complex liquid with so many exciting things about it. One of the best things is the range and depth of different whiskies there are around. The other is the chance to share a few with friends. Last night I was lucky enough to enjoy both of these qualities, as my friend Matt and I were drinking at an Irish whisky tasting event. The event was run by the always excellent Weber and Trings (Easily my favourite spirits shop in Bristol) in combination with Pernod Ricard’s Liam Sparks.

The first dram on offer was the Green Spot Château Léoville Barton, which is an interesting take on the standard Green Spot. It combines the Irish Pot Still tradition with the French Oak wine casks. We drank from stemmed whisky tasting glasses and huddled around in the tasting room below the shop.

Aroma: Rich red berries, cream and vanilla.

Taste: Having had and quickly consumed a bottle of the standard Green Spot earlier this year, I was familiar with what to expect and yet had been excited to try this whiskey for a while. Initially, it had all the hallmarks of a quality pot stilled dram, there was the honey and vanilla sweetness and the lightness of touch. However even in these first notes there were more interesting dynamics, such as a heathery spice.

The middle flavours were all about berries. For me there were notes of strawberry and cherry, which mingled and swirled amongst dried cereals. Imagine an incredibly opulent version of a Muller Corner, made from the finest ingredients and served on top of a home made Granola. As with all pot stilled whiskies there was also a lightness of touch and with this middle flavour there was a coating of the mouth with a viscous honey like texture.

As the final flavours gradually snuck upon the taste buds, there were traditional notes of spices, such as nutmeg and cinnamon. These flavours could be assumed to be drying, but here they are not. They are warming, round and sweet.

Mouthfeel: Sweet and syrupy, but also spicy.

Overall: An excellent take on a pot stilled classic, which at a reasonable price point offers dynamic flavours whilst being criminally easy to drink.

Aroma: 14

Start: 15

Middle: 16

Finish: 15

Value: 14

Overall: 74/100

More Information: Mitchell’s Website

Available: Weber and Trings

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