Redbreast – 15 Year Old

IMG_4287This was the second dram in our Irish tasting experience at Weber and Trings. I had never had the opportunity to taste a Redbreast whiskey, but the twelve year old has such good press that seeing two older drams on the menu, set my taste buds watering. This is another pot still dram and one that holds very true to the traditions of Irish Whiskey. It has a red sheen to the look of it, which I imagine is where the name of the brand comes from.

Aroma: Deep sherried brown sugar, with raisins and plum.

Taste: Again, this was another dram that felt syrupy sweet on the tip of the tongue. Its sweetness was that of caramels, of vanilla and of golden syrup. There were also distinct creamy notes. All which mark this as pot stilled whiskey.

The middle notes of this whisky are its triumph, they are darker than the Green Spot, richer and full of dark fruit notes. This fruit was notably that of blackcurrant, which came out even more distinctly when water was added. There was also an element of dark chocolate, with an entwining richness not too dissimilar to that of a South American coffee.

Finally, as the darkness draws away there is the morning that is spice. A good pot still finish seems to be all about spicing, toasted cereals, pine nuts and vanilla. This one has notes of black pepper, of cinnamon and of cloves. There is also the ever present oak and vanilla present at the finish too.

Mouthfeel: Smooth, delicate and nuanced, but also rich, spicy and flavourful.

Overall: A fine example of a pot stilled whiskey, definitely one to try and if you get the 12 Year Old, then let me know, because I would be really keen to join you!

Aroma: 14

Start: 14

Middle: 16

Finish: 16

Value: 14

Overall: 74/100

More Information: Single Pot Still Website

Available: Weber and Trings

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