Redbreast – 21 Year Old

IMG_4289This is my third review from my time with my lovely friend Matt at the fantastic whisky quaffing venue of Weber and Trings. This second Redbreast was much more complex than the first. If anything, I felt like I didn’t have enough time to let it open up and to enjoy its complexity. I am sure that given more time, it would have even more to offer than it did on this go round.

Aroma: This dram is all about the tropical fruit. For me it has notes of pineapple, melon and papaya. There is also a spice evident on the nose, but that of a spiced biscuits. Light, sweet spice.

Taste: Firstly, there is such a buttery, sweet flavour to this whiskey. It opens and makes me feel like I am sat in the front row of the cinema waiting for a classy foreign language film to begin.

As it continues to build, it coats the mouth with a velvety syrup. This sweetness is of sherry, rich, fruity and dynamic. Here there are also stone fruits, such as mangos. There is also the salt and toast of nuts. Lastly, there are creamy textures, which are mellow and smooth. This part is like the dialogue of the film, washing over me, too complex for me to fully grasp, but melodic and beautiful all the same.

Finally there is a depth of spice, which numbs the lips. Here there is zest of limes, sweetness of vanilla and darkness of oak. This is never drying, but always rich and almost savoury.

Mouthfeel: Vibrant, full flavoured but classically mellow.

Overall: As mentioned above, I feel like I need more time with this whisky. I reckon that on further drinking, more notes would be present, but it was a hugely complex, rich and satisfying. Its tricky to imagine ever being able to afford a bottle, but if I ever have a spare £200, then I would invest.

Aroma: 16

Start: 16

Middle: 17

Finish: 17

Value: 13

Overall: 79/100

More Information: Single Pot Still Website

Available: Weber and Trings

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