English Whisky Company – Chapter 11

IMG_4360This was the second dram that I sampled on the evening with my “Whisky Godfathers”. I picked it up from Corks of Cotham earlier in the week and kept the little bottle aside waiting for the evening together to drink it. Although it was a small bottle, everyone was pleased to get chance to try it.

I have the Chapter Six in my collection, as it was recommended in the book 101 Whiskies to Try Before You Die book by Ian Buxton and am always amazed when I go back to it, just at its originality and evident class. So I was interested and intrigued by a whisky from the same distillery, but with peat.

Aroma: Sherbet Fountains, (Liquorice and Sweet Sherbet), Peat Smoke and Lemon

Taste: There is a sweet, floral start here, which is slight in nature and blends quickly into the middle notes. On first and second mouthful I almost missed this flavour.

Then as the whisky sits in the mouth, it gradually builds, like a spicy fire being lit in the mouth, there are notes of wood smoke, of peat and of tarmac. However there is always an underlying sweetness, which clings to the top of the mouth, with notes of honey and toffee.

The finish is oily, numbing to the inside of the lips and there is aniseed, pepper and floral apple.

Mouthfeel: There is a beautiful balance between heat, sweetness and smoke. This leaves the mouth salivating and ready to drink more of the luxurious liquid.

Overall: This feels like an absolute triumph. Whilst it might lack the power and complexity of a high quality Islay, this is a very drinkable, very well balanced dram that treads a tightrope between smoke and sweet. I have now tried two English Whisky Co drams and a visit to the distillery is definitely going on my to do list!

Aroma: 15

Start: 15

Middle: 17

Finish: 16

Value: 15

Overall: 78/100

More Information: The English Whisky Co

Available: The English Whisky Co Shop

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