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IMG_4382I am always looking for three things in a dram. The first and most important is an interesting flavour, distinct from others. The second is an interesting bottling, which isn’t commonly available. The last is much less definable, but it’s best described as an ability to exceed expectations.

Tonight’s dram reportedly meets the first two, but does it meet the last?

The Flora and Fauna range, gives smaller and younger distilleries chance to shine. This Auchroisk bottling, was apparently for a while the only dram available from the distillery. The rest going into blends, most commonly J and B.

Aroma: Morello Cherry, Orange, Brown Sugar and Vanilla.

Taste: The initial notes of this whisky are sweet and fruity, there is a distinct flavour of caramel and of apples. However there is also very quickly a drying and spicy tone, which is peppery. This pepper is contrasted by an underlying sweetness, where notes of cherry, orange and honey.

The sweetness is light, floral and delicate. As it sits in the mouth there is a continuously building warmth and spice. This is a tingly, peppery spice and there is a heat like cinnamon or mace.

This heat washes backwards and drops down the throat, is honeyed, warming and clings to the room of the mouth. Lastly the whisky sits in the middle of tongue, tingles and is full of vanilla. This feels like the custard topping of the initial apple pie.

Mouthfeel: Peppery and warming, but sweet and fruity.

Overall: At first taste I found this whisky slight and disappointing. However as the flavour has opened it has become more and more interesting. There are so many subtle notes hidden within this warming, sweet liquid. I have now tried three Flora and Fauna whiskies and liked all of them.

Aroma: 15

Start: 16

Middle: 16

Finish: 16

Value: 15

Overall: 78/100

More Information: Auchroisk Wikipedia

Available: Masters of Malt

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