Glenturret – 18 Year Old

IMG_4402My parents have always had a better stocked whisky cabinet than I have and as they have become part time practising OAPs they have spent some of their extra freedom and time taking regular holidays to Scotland.

On their last visit they went to the Glenturret Distillery and toured round. During the final tasting the saved a few for me. I have saved the best little dram for a special day. #WorldWhiskyDay…

Aroma: Marzipan, Almond and Cherry. Like a classic Cherry Bakewell.

Flavour: A strong, warming and golden sweet flavour that heads straight for the roof of the mouth.

The middle flavour is a combination of sweet fruits and wooden, spicy notes. The fruits are tropical and sun kissed. They are like Mango and Papaya.

The liquid is golden, thick and sticks to the roof of the mouth. The spicing is strong, dark and sharp. There is cinnamon, pepper and citrus acid.

The final flavours are long lasting, they are biscuity, strongly alcoholic, full of oak and spice.

Mouthfeel: Strong, spicy and thick.

Overall: The chaps at the tasting were kind enough to send a takeaway dram away with my parents, but as you can see from the picture it didn’t last long! I think this is a whisky that needs time and that what you give to it, you will get back. Somewhere towards the Sherry bomb end, but with more interesting notes, including fruit and spice.

Aroma: 14

Start: 14

Middle: 15

Finish: 15

Value: 13

Overall: 71/100

More Information: The Glenturret Website

Available: The Famous Grouse

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