Hazelburn – 10 Years Old

IMG_4404Since I started drinking whisky, I have to admit that I have become borderline obsessed by the golden nectar.

If I were to buy a whole 70cl bottle of every dram that I read about and want to taste, then this would be a hugely expensive hobby indeed. So I am glad to have found Drinks by the Dram and opened the door, that this glorious idea opens. A single dram, of most of the whiskies available at a decent price and without the need to find loads of people to share your delight with.

Tonight’s review is Hazelburn 10 Year Old.

This is a Campbeltown whisky from the Springbank Distillery. It’s name honours a famous distillery that was closed in the early twentieth century.

Price: £30 – £40

Appearance: It is a very light, straw colour.

Aroma: Apples, Lemons and Toffee.

Taste: This dram starts with a very gentle sweetness. Like honey on bread, there are notes of sweet, but they never become more than this. There’s fruit present, but it’s more like pear drops than real fruit.

The middle notes here are all about oak, there is a light spice, which dances on the tongue and leaves a tingle.

The finish is wooden, drying and has elements of light spice. There are vanillas and cream present here too.

Finish: Lingers light on the tongue, with spice.

Mouthfeel: Spicy and Numbing.

Overall: From the nose, I was expecting fruit, but this whisky is all about its wood. There is spice and vanillas.

Real Dram Factor: 6.7/10

More Information: Springbank Website

Purchased: Master of Malt

4 thoughts on “Hazelburn – 10 Years Old

  1. Just seeing whether this comment box works. The dram tasting idea makes a lot of sense. Your new scoring system is also interesting. Another lovely review.

    1. The comments certainly do work and I am glad you like it. We have tried to simplify the system. Whisky drinking should be fun and the scoring system was taking away from the joy.

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