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IMG_4417As a new user of Twitter for whisky fun times, I am enjoying this new place to find information, make friends and follow trends. One of the hottest brands on social media at the moment seems to be Compass Box. They have started a campaign for transparency in whisky blends, so that we, the customers, will know what you are drinking and where it came from. I am yet to decide what I feel about this idea, but it is making a noise whatever you think.

So when I was hunting for a friends birthday present in Marks and Spencers, I was amazed to see this dram on offer for an amazing price. I bought it for two reasons, one, any whisky available for £20 is interesting and I am yet to sample a Compass Box whisky, so this makes this the first.

Tonight’s #WhiskyWednesday dram is Great King Street – Artist’s Blend.

This is a blended whisky made up of a mix of Lowland grain whisky and Highland malt whisky.

Price: £20 – £25

Appearance: A light golden, honey colour.

Aroma: Vanilla and Apple. For me this is very pudding like. I would say like an Apple Crumble.

Taste: This whisky starts with a hugely creamy, vanilla burst. It is sweet, delicate and it tastes almost like a traditional baked cheese cake topping. In the background, there are slight citrus notes.

In the middle, there is a building heat and spice, which develops on the middle of the tongue and moves backwards, dropping down the throat and gentling warming. There is oak present, but it is always subtle, always mellow and never drying. This balance of spice and sweet, makes this an accessible, drinkable whisky.

The final flavour is lightly spiced, there is also a waft of chimney smoke in the finish. Then lingering on the tongue are mouthwatering notes, which are wooden, but also in some way metallic or rusty. This isn’t unpleasant, but pulls you back in and makes you want to drink more.

Finish: A very calm, short finish. The spice mellows quickly.

Mouthfeel: Always smooth, very drinkable and sweet.

Overall: This is almost the perfect whisky to introduce the non-whisky drinker to the habit. It is smooth, drinkable and short, but it is full flavoured and has enough qualities to be drunk neat. However, I imagine it would also make a great whisky to create cocktails with too.

Real Dram Factor: 7/10

More Information: Compass Box Whiskies

Purchased: I bought mine on offer from Marks and Spencers instore, but it can be purchased from Master of Malt.

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