Gordon & MacPhail – Glentauchers – Cask Strength 1995

IMG_4509There are few chances to try interesting, high quality cask strength whisky, so when I was in Weber and Trings chatting about a variety of whisky issues and was offered this to try, I jumped at the chance. Such was my luck that there was a little over a single, so I was offered an early taster in the shop. I was so impressed that I am very much looking forwards to this dram. 

Glentauchers is a Speyside distillery, which usually produces whisky that goes into blends. There are very few releases that come directly from the distillery. This Gordan and MacPhail is an interesting chance to try what the distillery could produce, given the chance to go alone. 

Price: £70-80

Appearance: Slightly watered down Apple Juice

Aroma: Bramley Apple, Wood Polish and Pollen

Taste: This whisky has an initial flavour that has heat and spice. This combination of heat, spice and sweetness reminds me of sweet chilli flavoured crisps.

The middle flavour is strong, but sweet. The sugar is round and fruity, like sweet bananas. There is a caramel flavour that is robust and creamy. There is also a developing spice present, which builds and tickles the tongue,

The last flavour is salty and creamy. It lingers in the mouth and there are milky notes, which remind me of chocolate, but also of Fox’s Cream Crunch. 

Mouthfeel: Strong, spicy, but well balanced.

Overall: This is a super interesting whisky, with lots of dynamic flavours. This experience highlights for me the dynamism of casked whisky and that I need to drink more higher strength whiskies. It also highlights that adding water to cask strength whisky brings out interesting flavours that would otherwise be hidden.

Real Dram Factor: 7.1

More Information: Gordon and MacPhail

Purchased: Weber and Trings, Bristol.


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