Arran – Port Cask Finish

IMG_4587This was another of my Drinks by the Dram purchases. I was really interested in trying a whisky from the Arran range having read about the distillery in a magazine article. The Port cask seemed an interesting starter, as I had not tried a Port finish and wondered what, if anything it would bring to the table that is different.

The Arran Distillery is located in the Firth of Clyde and is apparently the seventh largest island in Scotland. It is said that in the Early 19th century there were nearly 50 distilleries, mostly illegal and hiding from the tax men. There is now only one and it has been open since 1995.

The whisky we are sampling today is the Arran Port Cask, which is casked and aged in oak for 8 years, before being finished in Port casks.

Price: £40-50 

Appearance: Tangerines.

Aroma: Wood Shavings, Citrus, Red Berries.

Taste: This dram starts with a short, fruity sweetness. This sweetness is very reminiscent of cherries, which give a round, full flavoured sweetness.

Sweetness gives way to a burst of warmth, wood and very slight spice. This part of the whisky builds on the tongue, tantelising and drawing liquid away.

Just as these middle notes threaten to build, the flavour heads to the top of the mouth, where there are vanillas, sweetness of fruit and a delightful creamy texture. This part is drying and there is a cloying, almost metallic texture. It isn’t an unpleasant flavour, but it is very different.

Mouthfeel: Darker, Clinging and Drying.

Overall: This was a genuinely different whisky to try and one that I am very glad I did. It had notes that I haven’t had before and added to what I know about whisky. However in my humble opinion, I would start with the age statemented blends and then try this, as I really want to try other finishes from the distillery now, to give me a better context for knowing what the port adds.

Real Dram Factor: 7.3

More Information: The Arran Distllery

Purchased: Master of Malt

Buy Online: Arran Port Cask Finish Whisky 70 cl

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