Glenkeir Treasures – Inchgower – 6 Years Old

IMG_0022Today we popped into York to eat some birthday lunch with our munchkin, who has just turned three. Luckily, we were able to make time for a trip to The Whisky Shop. Not only were they knowledgeable and friendly, but they had casked drams available to try. I have previously enjoyed the Flora and Fauna Inchgower and so really wanted to try this toddler of a dram.

The Glenkeir Treasures range is a really interesting exclusive collection produced by The Whisky Shop. They can be bought bottled from source, but we were able to try some direct from the cask in the shop. The Inchgower that we tried was distilled in February of 2010 and bottled in April of this year (2016).

Price: £35 for 50cl.

Appearance: White Wine Vinegar.

Aroma: Caramel, Citrus and Pine Needles.

Taste: Initially this dram is almost unnoticeable due to its subtly of flavour. It is light, heathery and floats across the tongue like a warm summery breeze. There is sweetness, but it is delicate, like sweetener in jasmine tea.

As the light liquid sits and bides it’s time on the tongue. There is vanilla, cream and then there is a hint of wood. This part of the whisky tastes like an antique shop, austere, interesting and important.

The final notes are subtly spicy, they aren’t overly warming and they stay firmly sat on the tongue. There is a coppery, metallic note, which mingles with the cream of before and the very light spicing.

Mouthfeel: Subtle, Light and Complex.

Overall: I am so surprised by this dram, it’s a subtle, complex dram. There are metallic notes that hint at its youth, but it’s mellowness belies its age. It’s creamy, sweet and floral.

Real Dram Factor:  7.9

More Info: The Whisky Shop

Purchased: The Whisky Shop

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