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IMG_0093Tomorrow night is the next Weber and Trings whisky tasting session and this time it is going to be exciting for two reasons. First both RealDramRob and RealDramSi will be involved and we are going to be drinking Dutch Whisky!! Expect reviews to appear here soon. In celebration, we are publishing another review from last time and the Mackmyra whisky we enjoyed.

Tonight’s dram for review is the Mackmyra Vinterrök. This is part of Mackmyra’s season collection, which aims to be innovative and to try new things. The whisky is created by casking the liquid into barrels that have been saturated with a Strong Scotch Ale. The Ale that is involved remains a mystery to us, but if you know then do let us know.

Mackmyra is a Swedish distillery, which has been producing spirit since 1999. The name apparently derives from the name of two moths, which are now nearing extinction. According to information on the internet Mackmyra tried over 140 recipes before settling on two, which became there first drams. The company have two distilleries, one which is built on seven levels and uses gravity to drive lots of elements of the whisky production.

Cost: £40-50

AppearanceVery light yellow, like a standard lamp bulb that has just been switched on.

Aroma: Coal Smoke, Citrus, Butter and Nutmeg.

Taste: The first notes in this whisky are like sucking on butterscotch toffees, which immediately rushes my mind back to childhood and my Nan’s house. These sweets are only ever found hidden at the bottom of an old person’s handbag. There is also an apple note, which is fruity, round and yet has a crisp tartness to it. These notes remind me of Braeburn or Pink Lady apples. This flavour is short, sharp and fleeting.

As the whisky hits the tongue, it opens and passes sideways to edges of the mouth. When this travel occurs, smoke spreads, breaths and swirls round the mouth. There is also a heat, or pepper of oak which at first is tart, but grows and opens into a lovely woodiness. This again reminds me of childhood, of holidays on Scottish Islands, lighting fires and the warm, beautiful aromas that come with it.

This smoke slowly washes away clinging to the mouth and changing towards wider wooden notes. Here there is a nutty, golden flavour that opens and lasts.

Mouthfeel: Smoky, Drying and Spicy.

Overall: This was my favourite dram of the tasting evening. Its depth and smoke are ineffably dynamic and evocative. There is something very Scottish about this dram. It is herbal, like a medicinal cough drop and sweet like an apple.

My only issues with this dram are that bringing up these flavour notes, places the dram in a tough category, alongside some of my favourite drams. This initially filled me with questions about whether I would prefer an Ardbeg or Lagavulin instead and whether I felt it made this whisky bad value. However on reflection this is a wrong headed question, the only question that matters is whether I like it and I do!

Real Dram Factor: 7.6

More Information: Mackmyra Website

Purchased: Weber and Trings

Buy Online: Mackmyra – Vinterrok (Winter Smoke) – Whisky

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