Millstone – 5 Year Old

2016-05-04 20.03.03Number three in our Dutch Weber and Trings tasting session. This was a lovely little malty number, and I think my favourite overall.  Whisky for me is a chance to treat myself, and as with all self-imposed rewards, the reward always needs to fit the mood.  This dram is a rich but undemanding dram which could reward me when an Islay, Highland or Sherried cask won’t do. It’s strength and intrigue is in it’s difference to my ‘old favourites’, and I would happily have a bottle of this in my collection.

Price: £50-60

Appearance: Golden syrup or runny honey in colour.

Aroma: Marzipan, Lemon sorbet, Grapes, Green apple and Oak.  There’s also a hint of aniseed.

Taste: This whisky fizzes on the tongue as soon as it goes in, giving away the virgin oak roots.  These bourbon-esque characteristics can be like marmite, but they dissipate quickly and give way to warmer malty tones that are hard not to like.  The end of the this dram can only be seen as a negative, because it’s so short, but what remains is a lovely shot of raisin and butter to finish.

Mouthfeel: Buttery, oily with a gentle white pepper.

Overall: This was an enjoyably different dram, but did quite have the power or longevity to move it above its stable mates that we tried in the same evening. However I am sure that if we were to re-visit this dram on its own that there would be much to enjoy about it.

Real Dram Factor: 7.4

More information: Millstone Whisky Website

Purchased: Weber and Trings

Buy Online: Millstone Single Malt Whisky 70 cl

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