Hepburn’s Choice – Inchgower 2008

IMG_0414Here at Real Dram we are always after new whiskies to try, so when we were on a recent family holiday in Padstow, we took a trip to Wadebridge Wines. They have an incredible collection of wine and awesome spirits. When there we were lucky enough to try some of the interesting Old Malt Cask range that they had in stock. We tried a delightful Jura and a creamy Auchentoshan. Due to overspending on holiday, we needed to find something a little easier on the wallet. So we bought some little drams from the Hepburn’s Choice Range.

Today’s bottle was an eight year old Inchgower. The Inchgower distillery primarily makes whisky that makes its way into Bells blended whisky. Inchgower is so reliant on blending that only 1% is ever released as a single malt. It is situated near the fishing village of Buckie.

Cost: £30-40

Appearance: Almost clear, like a very washed out white wine.

Aroma: Teak, Citrus and Salt. Warm, sea worn wood floating down an estuary.

Flavour: Soft buttery, salty notes open this whisky, with a sweet waft of warmth and lightness. There is a lemon, acidity which cuts through the sweetness.

Leathery shoes saunter into the middle of this dram, covered in creamy, sweet sugared toffee.

Lastly, spice floats in and gradually warms the palate and sinks backwards to the throat. This part is lightly peppery and there is oak, which lingers long.

Mouthfeel: Light, salty and wooden.

Overall: This whisky tastes like an oak door, which is floating down an estuary. Sadly, there is a accident in a local toffee factory, which is spilling it’s contents across the water.

Real Dram Factor: 7.1

More Information: Malt Madness

Purchased: Wadebridge Wines

Buy Online: Inchgower 7 Year Old 2008 – Hepburn’s Choice Single Malt Whisky

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